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Roof Installation in Northern Virginia & Maryland

Residential Roofing

Jakari roofing crews are all highly skilled and trained on applying the latest in roofing shingles and components. We work closely with the following manufacturers:

Proud to be certified as a Certainteed Shingle Master

The best residential roofing company in Northern VA & MD


  • Only those contractors who focus on superior workmanship and customer satisfaction earn the ShingleMaster credential

  • Trust in their expertise to explain important differences between shingles and to offer an appropriate selection of products for your roof.

Ethical Conduct

  • The ShingleMaster agrees to abide by a code of ethics that covers compliance with applicable laws and requires high standards of workmanship, customer service, and business administration.

  • This company is committed to upholding industry-accepted standards and business practices.

Our Process & Responsibilities



Roofing materials and a dumpster will be dropped off at the home one to three days prior to installation.



We inspect for rotted plywood, damaged or deteriorated flashing (metal material used over joints and other areas of the roof), and other potential issues. We will notify you immediately should your plywood require replacement.



Installers to seal pipe collars, roof wall connections and skylights.



Once we’ve completed the installation, a Jakari team member will accompany you on an inspection of the work to confirm your satisfaction and answer any questions you may have.



Installers will remove shingles and underlayment down to bare decking.



Installers apply underlayment, ice and water shield, and drip edge (if applicable) to prevent damming on eaves and rake boards.



Installers to magnetically sweep job site for scattered nails and hall away job related debris.

Homeowner Responsibilities

  • Remove automobiles and bicycles from the driveway

  • Move grills, patio furniture, and other outdoor items away from the sides of the home

  • Takedown pictures, artwork, plates, knickknacks, and other hanging items from interior walls

Residential Roofing Company in VA and MD

We Use the Best in the Industry

Manufacturers We Partner With

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