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Residential Siding & Trim Installation in Northern Virginia & Maryland

Siding & Trim

The Best Siding & Trim Company in the DMV

Siding & Trim Installers

It's durable and low maintenance, it's cost efficient, it has the ability to instantly boost curb appeal... and these are just a few reasons why new siding is one of the best investments you can make in your home. As you consider replacing your siding, know that Jakari Restoration & Construction has you covered.

Jakari work with top manufacturers in siding including:

What's Included:

  • Siding

  • Vapor barrier and/or insulation board with J-channel

  • Light blocks and mounts

  • Gable vents

Siding Installers in VA & Maryland
Residential siding installer company in NOVA

Trim/Aluminum Cladding

Does your home have any old, deteriorated wood that you’re tired of painting? If so, we can wrap the wood with aluminum coil, or “cladding.” This creates an extra barrier on your home’s exterior. 

Aluminum coil comes in a variety of colors, to be installed around windows, doors, garage doors, posts, and rake and fascia boards. And because it’s maintenance free, you won’t have to paint, glaze, or sand the wood ever again.

Benefits to Our Siding Installations

  • Durability—Withstands the many changes characteristic of our region’s temperate climate. To maximize rigidity, we only install vinyl siding that is .042mil or thicker.

  • Energy efficiency—Maximizes your home’s energy consumption, in combination with a vapor barrier.

  • Labor expertise—Installed by VSI certified installers who take utmost care in following the necessary steps (like adding space between the nailing hem and the nail) to avoid buckling or cracking. We take the time to add J-channel trim around windows, doors, and even rake boards—and we caulk each one to ensure a watertight seal.

  • Appearance—Allows you to put your personal touch on the exterior of your home, with a variety of colors, profiles, and styles to choose from.


We Use the Best in the Industry

Manufacturers We Partner With

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